Video Recap: September 13th 2014 A Top 5 Fiend Night

On this spectacular Saturday night I ventured over to The Spot Underground for a night put together by Top 5 Fiend.  The night started out right with Billy and DJ from The Denver Boot playing acoustically on the den stage:

The Cosmic Factory was next to entertain the crowd, they took over the main stage:

Back to the Den for some more acoustic action from DJ and Billy, starting out as Plastic Horse playing DJs songs:

Then playing a few in the Denver Boot vein once again:

The Little Compton Band was next to the main stage and tore up a short set:

Mike Maven of Young Pandas played next on the den stage:

Northeast Traffic was impressive on the main stage:

Young Pandas Acoustic played another short den stage set:

Funktapuss were the headliners of the evening and played out the night on the main stage:

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