Did you really want to see naked pictures of me?  Seriously, gross, I don’t even know how my girlfriend puts up with it, but she does (lucky for me).  I’m Dan or Sully, whichever you prefer.  I like to goof around, try to be funny, fail miserably and continue on my merry way.  Thinking normal about me pages are boring, I tried something new and played on human curiosity.  Thank you for wanting to see me naked, I guess.

Music drives my soul, its the rhythm of life, poetry in motion, and I’m going to write about it.  (cue Star Trek theme) These are the travels of a hippie in New England, having no musical ability of my own, I must explore strange new venues, seek out new bands, new genres, to boldly go where many have gone before!

I have a job, and many other responsibilities, during downtime I see live music,  and I write all the content, usually about a month behind what I’ve seen.  I don’t write well but I will try to write often, keeping you informed on whats happening in The Scene around Southern New England.  I look for music I enjoy, I’m no critic and will generally remain positive, it takes a lot of balls (or ovaries as the case may be) to get up on stage and perform.  Ultimately music is a matter of opinion, and I will keep my negative opinions to myself as much as possible.  I will focus on the local, but will also be highlighting regional and national acts that deserve more of your attention.

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2 Responses to Nudes

  1. Rudy K. says:

    I just wanted to give you a big thanks for covering us while we were down in Boston, and for having a good time with us. I’m glad you enjoyed the show; hopefully we’ll be back in the area real soon and we can jam out again. Nice video clips; they’re fun for us to watch and help us be critical about our stage presentation and other stuff like that. Anyway, just figured I’d give you some praise for rocking with us and filming the show-thanks for the positive comments too! until we meet again, peace. -Rudy

  2. Jethro Tides says:

    Hey Sully….I met ya at East Side Market Place Sunday….Awesome site! I sent ya a link to my Reverb Nation page…..As I told ya , I’m a writer / Producer….not so much a band. I do some solo sets on occasion, but mostly focused on development with other artists , local and NY/NJ. Hope ya like what ya hear..its all me …instrumentation, vocals,and compositions. Produced at my home studio (currently undergoing a facelift). I also work with a video producer developing web hosting shows, music videos, and way ,way, yoo much to list. We have professional current software, and have experience in everything from the zanny You Tube stuff, to professionally produced ad campaigns. We are a bit nutty,,,be careful! I’ll keep in touch.

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