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  1. Liz and Mike says:

    Cool website!! I must confess I selected the “nudes” tab..LOL! You should go to NYC and cover Ricky’s show on the 11th of June ??? I think June. 🙂

  2. Lee M. says:

    Hey Sully! What’s going on man. Sweet website you got up! Glad to see that you’re really getting things going here. Could you do me a little favor and add the Love Money show at The Hourbar to your calender on May 9th?!? I’d appreciate that.

    ~Lee (Love Money)

  3. Vicki says:

    Your site looks good! But darn! No nudes! LOL Actually, I wasn’t REALLY expecting to see any!
    But you never know!

  4. Bobby K says:

    Nice site bro. Would love to see local shows here in boston. Keep me in the loop. And I too chose nudes…

  5. Stephanie RN says:

    Dan!!!! I went onto the Nude site, and you made me laugh:) I am happy that you are doing this! I look forward to checking in on your site…
    When I read that music drives your soul, you made me smile. You are the best.

  6. Z-Man says:

    SHIT, I wanted to see the Tripod on the Nudes tab!!!! YOU TEASE!!!

  7. Zach Fenner says:

    Thanks for doing a nice write-up on Sinister Minstrel and Gravity Works! See you soon!

  8. Very cool site, man! I dig it. Lots of great reviews and vid clips. Awesome. If you’re interested, I play for a local Latin Rock band called Santa Mamba. We’re at the Newport Blues Cafe on June 6. It’ll be a good time! I’ll keep checking this site out man, absolutely good stuff.

  9. B. Mahoney says:

    love the site sully, good stuff!

  10. Heather says:

    Nice to see you’re attending Strange Creek! See you Sunday!

  11. Will says:

    Nice site and very informative!

    I must also confess that I clicked on the Nude section too.
    What can I say…I’m sick!

  12. Grex says:

    Nice site Dan……Miss you at the online hangout.

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  14. Bobby says:

    Hey Sul we actually cancelled the show at the Beach House on the 25th but if you could put up the House of Blues show in Boston on the 26th that’d be siiiick. Time of show: 8:05. There are a few more details that may be useful so give me a call sometime Sunday or just hit up Zig. See ya ’round Sul

  15. Justin says:

    Hey Sully, diggin the site.

  16. Lee M. says:

    hey Sully. Love Money Day update! The date had to be moved to July 18th. Too many people were pulling out and canceling because it had a “conflicting” date with Gathering Of The Vibes. Do you think you could change it on your calender? Hope to see you there!


  17. Santa Mamba says:

    Sully could you add us to your upcoming shows calendar ….Fri. 7/31 @ 10 pm Santa Mamba plays Newport Blues Cafe. Jon Carlos will open the show. Should be a great night… If you want to attend just drop us a line and we will put you and a guest on the guest list. Thanks again for all you do for local music……

  18. Hey Sully,
    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk much with you last night. Thanks for talking up the Leftovers show @ Jerky’s! Happy Thanksgiving from SAUCE!!!

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  20. mike corbett says:

    hey sully thanks again for checking out our band, midnight spin. it was a great time and i look forward to your coverage. take it easy man, keep up the good work!

  21. Santa Mamba says:

    Hey Sully you missed the WBRU rock hunt on your calendar. April 10th I think this my be the first time a Latin rock band made the finals….. Show starts @ 6 doors @ 5….

  22. Joe Murphy says:

    The Happy Accident, coming to Providence this summer! where should we play? looking for great hidden gems and mid level venues

  23. bryan says:

    hey i was wondering if u had any openings listen to our stuff

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