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Sully’s Cafe Bootleg Series DVDs

Title Quality Price Purchase
Volume 1: Ricky Valente
Ricky Valente, Arlene's Grocery, June 11, 2009
Arlene’s Grocery June 11, 2009
Low $10.00

Volume 2: Broken Ground
Volume 2
Jerky’s November 29, 2009
Good $10.00

Volume 3: Baylock CD Release
Volume 3
Jerky’s October 17, 2009
Low $10.00

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  3. Mark Cutler says:

    Hey Sully-Real nice thing you have here. Could you add these dates to your site? Thanks Mark
    Jul 1 20108:30Pthe tiny string band at Doherty’s East Ave Pawtucket, Rhode Isla, US
    3-Jul-109:00MC and Men of Great Courage – front room at The House of BluesBoston, Mass US
    Jul 10 2010 10:00PMC and Men of Great Courage at the Penalty Box Providence, Rhode Isla, US
    Jul 15 2010 9:00Pthe tiny string band at the Greenwich Hotel East Greenwich, Rhode Isla, US
    17-Jul-10 8:30Men of Great Courage at St Mary’s Feast Cranston, RI
    Jul 24 2010 8:00PMen of Great Courage at the Amercian Legion Hall for fundraiser for’Women for Women International’.South Attleboro, Massachuse, US
    July 30 2010 9:00p MC Rock Band w The Reducers and That’ll Learn Ya at Jekry’s
    Jul 31 2010 9:00PMen of Great Courage at Rosies Warwick, Rhode Isla, US

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  5. Is it possible to buy an audio download or Cd of the Rick Valente show?

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