Video Recap: March 28th 2014

This Friday eve, I started my adventures early at The Bucket Brewery for their Sound Check Series.  The evening started with a country blues duo, Deux who were also members of the Booze Beggers.

Next up in the brewery were The Indobox who were out and around the north east doing their first acoustic tour ever. It was certainly special to get a chance to capture this rarity.

Rarely satisfied with only one show so early in the evening I ventured over to The Spot Underground to catch the tail end of the night. I arrived at the very end of Brainfruit’s set, and only managed to set up my camera to catch a quick clip of their final song.

Mister F were next up on the main stage at The Spot. The band features members of a few different bands and are fairly new to the scene, though you’d never know based on their skills on the stage.

The final act I caught for the night, and the reason I scurried over to The Spot in the first place, were The Hornitz. It’d been a quite some time since I had a chance to catch their lively horn infused dance set. I was certainly glad to catch them out on a weekend night.

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