Upcoming Show – The Brew

Wanted to get this out early so you’ve got plenty of time to secure a designated driver, ride or what ever you need to get your ass to the Wheel House for this killer show on the horizon.  Have no fear there are PLENTY of great shows coming this weekend, but since its rare The Brew hit Rhode Island on their jaunts about the east coast, I figured it deserved a special heads up, complete with promo video:

OK, OK! I understand, the video isn’t the highest quality, that footage was taken about a year ago before I’d gotten my lovely new video camera, but if your interests haven’t been piqued yet, check out their Band Camp Page, which features streaming versions of their “Look Ma, No Hands” series, fantastic live recorded CDs, to give you a much better taste of the live sound these gents from Northern Massachusetts bring the the table!  See you there!

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