Tunes Around Town – May 9th Through May 12th


Get ready to plan your jams with this week’s Tunes Around Town!



Thursday May 9th




Jay Berndt and the Orphans with Riki Rocksteady at The Parlour, 1119 North Main Street 8pm


Senior Discount, Soundoff, Brown Syndrome, Too Square and The Semblance, at Simon’s 677, 677 Valley Street, 5$, 6pm


Posivibes with Eelko and Duality, at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 18+, $8, 8pm


Revival with Jon Tierney and Kris Hansen at The ROI, 150 Chestnut Street, 9pm


Four Corners at The Mediator Stage, 50 Rounds Avenue, 7:30pm


East Greenwich


-Hotel Songwriters hosted by Mark Greenwood at the Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street, 21+, 9pm




The Luxury, The Parlour Bells and The Year Million at TT The Bears, 10 Brookline Street, 8$, 8:30pm


Friday May 10th




Viking Jesus with The Denver Boot at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 9pm

 –Malyssa and the Liberators with VulGarrity, The Evil Streaks and Pixels at Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street, 8pm

 –Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm

Becky Chase at The ROI, 150 Chestnut St, Free 10pm


Minor X with Soul’D at Machines with Magnets, 400 Main Street, All Ages, FREE, 6pm



 –Uhuru Afrika, the Macrotones and Big Mean Sound Machine at Church, 69 Kilmarnock Street, 21+, 12$, 8pm


Skyfoot and Flux Capacitor at The Spotlight Tavern, 208 Rantoul Street, 5$



Saturday May 11th


 –Daddie Long Legs, Trails and Resin Ed at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 9pm

Torn Shorts and Gran Vernan at The ROI, 150 Chestnut Street, Free, 10pm

Sienna, Trophy Wives, Carousel Kings, Animal Empire, Spelling Out Disaster, Colin Burke at Fete, 103 Dike Street, All Ages, 10$, 6pm

Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm


North Providence

 –Red Ed and the Undead, Tony Jones and The Cretin 3, Cheri Dahl, Paryah, at McNeil’s Tavern, 888 Charles Street, 21+, 5$, 9pm


Clinton CT

 –Dan Blakeslee and Keith McCurdy at Charmed Vineyards, 115 Cow Hill Road, 20$, 6:30pm


Bridgeport CT

 –Relative Souls at The Acoustic Cafe, 2926 Fairfield Ave, 9pm



Sunday May 12th



 –Sunday Funday at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, Free, 6pm



 –Wolf and the Jam Daddies Sunday Blues Jam at Corinnes, 67 Garrity Street, 5pm

 –RI Legends Blues Jam at The Met Cafe, 1005 Main Street, All Ages, 4pm



 –Dub Apocalypse at Bull McCabe’s, 366 Somerville Ave, Free, 10pm



 -Funktapuss’s Funk Jam at The House of Buds, 959 Bearse way, 8pm



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