Tunes Around Town – May 2nd through May 5th

May day, MAY DAY, Get ready to plan some fantastic jams this weekend with a BEVY of album releases!

Thursday May 2nd


Posivibes at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 18+, $8, 8pm

Tallahassee Album release with Smith and Weeden and Coyote Kolb at The Columbus Theater, 270 Broadway, 7:30pm

OpenMic at The Mediator Stage, 50 Rounds Avenue, 7:30pm

East Greenwich

-Hotel Songwriters hosted by Mark Greenwood at the Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street, 21+, 9pm


Boombasnap at The Island Merchant, 302 Main Street, 10pm

Friday May 3rd


Shannon Corey and Jared Salvatore at The Roots Cultural Center, 276 Westminster Street, 9:30pm

Arc Iris (with Jocie Adams), Laura Cortese and Sweater Set at Local 121, 121 Washington Street, 8:30pm

Milkbread and Goldmine at Fete, 103 Dike Street, All Ages, 5$, 8pm

Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm

990wbob Concert Series featuring Cactus Attack and The Stilts at The ROI, 150 Chestnut Street, 10pm


Travis Colby Band at The Narragansett Cafe, 25 Narragansett Ave, 9:30pm


Kingsley Flood Album Release with Air Traffic Controller and Velah at Brighton Music Hall, 158 Bright Ave, 18+, 15$, 7pm

Rustic Overtones at The Hard Rock Cafe, 24 Clinton Street, 21+, 15$, 8pm

Saturday May 4th


Vudu Sister album release with The Silks, Brian Webb and Divey at The Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, 10$, 8pm

Indobox, Jimkata and Bujak at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 9pm

Ben Walsh album release with Local Lights and Kayla Ringelheim at Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street, All Ages ,8pm

Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm

North Providence

Nailer with Fall and Bounce at McNeil’s Tavern, 888 Charles Street, 9pm


Aural Sects Two featuring The Hornitz, Sophistafunk, Pigeons Playing Ping Poing and MORE at Church of Boston, 69 Kilmarnock Street, 20$, 6:30pm


Sunday May 5th


Fungus Amungus Cinco De Mayo Fiesta with 7 Below and Cosmic Factory at Lupo’s, 79 Washington STreet, 5$, 5pm

Sunday Funday at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, Free, 6pm


Wolf and the Jam Daddies Sunday Blues Jam at Corinnes, 67 Garrity Street, 5pm

-RI Legends Blues Jam at The Met Cafe, 1005 Main Street, All Ages, 4pm


Dub Apocalypse at Bull McCabe’s, 366 Somerville Ave, Free, 10pm

wrapping up this week’s tunes around town


-Funktapuss’s Funk Jam at The House of Buds, 959 Bearse way, 8pm

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