Tunes Around Town – May 14th through May 17th

Make sure to go out and catch some live tunes this weekend.  While you’re at it stop by the new Spot Undergound location at 180 Pine Street, you’ll be glad you did!

Thursday May 14th


Schlang Worldwide Band, Technicolor Lenses, and Brightside at The Spot Underground, 180 Pine St, 18+, $15, 9pm

-See You Next Thursday featuring Kris Hansen and Jon Tierney at The Fatt Squirrel, 150 Chestnut St, 21+, 8pm

-Pianos Jam (Pianists, Vocalists, and Instrumentalists welcome) hosted by Travis Colby, at Olives, 108 North Main St, 8pm

Sweet Little Variety Show featuring Jacob Haller, Moondance Collective, and MORE at Aurora, 276 Westminster St, 18+, $6, 8pm

Plastic Horse, Highway’s End, and Breast Milk at The Salon, 57 Eddy St, 8pm

-Green Tea and Hip Bobsha at The Parlour, 1119 North Main St, 21+, $5, 8pm

OpenMic at The Mediator Stage featuring David Hintz, 50 Rounds Avenue, 7:30pm

Songwriters in the Round at AS220, 115 Empire St, All Ages, 7-8:30pm

A Troop of Echoes, Showplowes, Gertrude Atherton and the Gondoliers at AS220, 115 Empire St, All Ages, 9pm


Top 5 Fiend presents The Cosmic Factory and Northeast Traffic at Hope Underground, 10 Broadway, 21+, Free, 10pm

Friday May 15th


SONS of FUNK and Otis Grove at The Spot Underground, 180 Pine St, 18+, $15, 9pm

Joe Fletcher and Ian Fitzgerald at The Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, All Ages, $15, 9pm

Holiday Mountain and Radiant Shades & Empire at Fete, 103 Dike St, All Ages, $8, 8pm

Professor Roots at The Parlour, 1119 North Main St, 21+, $5, 8pm

The Stilts, Dead LA, Dead Trains and PALS at AS220, 115 Empire St, All Ages, 9pm

The Red Pennys at The Grange, 166 Broadway, 10pm

Buscuit City at Nick-a-Nees, 75 South St, 9pm


-The Bucket Brewery CAN release party featuring Consuelo’s Revenge, 100 Carver St, 6pm

The Mallett Brothers Band, Brian McKenzie, Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders, at The Met, 1005 Main St, All Ages, $10, 9pm

Ukiah Drag, CCR Headcleaner, Ninja vs Wrestler, and LVMMVX at Machines with Magnets, 400 Main St, $8, 9pm


Consuelo’s Revenge, The Pourmen, Town Man Charged, and Viking Jesus at Jimmy’s Saloon, 37 Memorial Blvd, 21+, $7, 9pm


Sarah Daigle, Kyle Bell, and Take it To the Bridge at The Wheel House, 294 Great Island Road, 9pm


Jugghead Band at Plough and Stars, 912 Massachusetts Ave, 10pm

Saturday May 16th


Narragansett Neighbor Days featuring Patrick Coman, Forrest Fires, Public Alley, and Josh Grabert (solo) of Torn Shorts in the Thayer Street District, FREE, Noon – 6pm

Skinny Millionaires, the Worried, and High n Heavy at DUSK 301 Harris Ave, $6, 9pm

Denver Boot, So Sol, and Icky Woods at The Parlour, 1119 North Main St, 21+, $5, 8pm

Sweet Jesus, Caught in a Crowd, Death Injection and Some Nerve at AS220, 115 Empire St, All Ages, 9pm

Midday Records Presents: Quins, Most Dangerouse Men Alive, Dionysus Park Ranger, Subject 2 Change, The Dead LA, Joe Sambo and the Goonz, Rival Roots at Simon’s 677, 677 Valley St, 7pm


Pistol Shot Gypsy with Clambake at 1150 Oak Bar and Grill, 1150 Oaklawn Ave, 8pm

Fiskdale, MA

BeneFEST featuring Secret Sage, The Cosmic Factory, Jabooda, and many more at Highland Orchard and Brewery, 199 Arnold Rd, All Ages, $20, Noon-11pm

Fall River

Phantom Orchestra and Midday Records presents: Dean Letendre, Robert Gracia, Jessica Thibault, Chase Merrill, Sean Murphey, Nate Cozzolino, and Claudia Sousa at Adagio Piano Lounge, 227 South Main St, 7pm

Sunday May 17th


Woody Pines, The Horse Eyed Men, and the Rank Strangers at Firehouse 13, 41 Central St, All Ages,$10, 8pm

Follakzoid at The Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, All Ages, $12, 8pm

Johnny Watson Jr Blues Band at The Parlour, 1119 North Main St, 21+, Free, 8pm


Wolf and the Jam Daddies Sunday Blues Jam at Boundary Brewhouse, 1593 Newport Ave, 9pm


-Dub Apocalypse at Bull McCabe’s, 366 Somerville Ave, Free, 10pm


Jazz Funk Fusion Jam at Electric Haze, 26 Milbury St, 18+ to Play, 6pm


-Funktapuss’s Funk Jam at The House of Buds, 959 Bearse way, 8pm

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