Tunes around Town – July 19th through July 22nd

The heat getting to you?  Then stay cool inside one of the air-conditioned venues around town this weekend!

Thursday July 19th


Jeff Bujak and Haze at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 18+, $7, 8pm

Bluegrass and Burriots hosted by Lou Burbon Jr at Lola’s Cantina, 515 South Water Street, Free, All Ages, 8pm

Tevellus with Ziggy El Gato and Hiding Behind Youth at DUSK, 301 Harris Ave, 9pm

The Denver Boot, Austin Hevey and the Heavies as well as Whaleshark at The Salon, 57 Eddy Street, 8pm

OpenMic at The Mediator Stage, 50 Rounds Avenue, 7:30pm

East Greenwich

Hotel Songwriters hosted by Mark Greenwood at the Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street, 21+, 9pm


Friday July 20th


Daddie Long Legs as well as Danny Pease and the Regulators at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 18+, $10, 9pm

Allysen Callery and the Night Kitchen with Anna Coogan at The Roots Cafe, 276 Westminster Street, 8pm

The Rice Cakes at Waterplace Park, 1 Finance Way, All Ages, Free, 7:30pm

Americana Showdown with Jay Berndt and the Orphans, Jeff Byrd and the Dirty Finch, Lon Colvert and more at Fete, 103 Dike Street, All Ages, 8pm

Hemlock with Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans at PVD Social Club, 71 Richmond Street, 8pm

Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm


Northern Lands, The Mighty Good Boys, as well as Smith and Weeden at The Met Cafe, 1005 Main Street, All Ages, $8, 8pm


Jackson Weatherbee with Jose Docen, Jay Psaros Kiley Aidous Collins at The Middle East Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, 18+, $10, 8pm


Saturday July 21st


Psychedelic Clown Car, Coma Coma, Omega Swan and Doug Ratner at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 18+, $10, 8pm

Vudu Sister with Ravi Shavi, Tapestries and Nelsonvillains at AS220, 115 Empire Street, 8pm

War Tortoise, The Deliberates, The Flightless Birds and MORE at The PVD Social Club, 71 Richmond Street, All Ages, $10, 5:30pm

On Da Rise local hip hop showcase presented by The Scene Machine with 12 EMCEEs at The PVD Social Club, 71 Richmond Street, All Ages, $10, 10pm

Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm

East Providence

River Roar featuring King Sickabilly and his Full moon Boys as well as Jeri and the Jeepsters at the East Providence Yacht Club, 9 Pier Road, 2pm

West Kingston

Swamp Stomp 5 with Mark Cutler and the Men of Great Courage, Shacklenads, Valerie June and More at the Entrance to the Great Swamp, Noon


Harborside Music Festival featuring John Benninghof, Kina Zore, Po Boz and MORE at Marina Park, 180 Scranton Ave, 1pm


Runner and the Thermodynamics at Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Ave, 9pm


Otis Grove at Bishops Lounge, 41 Strong Ave, 10pm


Sunday July 22nd


Open Mic at The Apartment, 373 Richmond Street, Free, 6:30pm


Wolf and the Jam Daddies Sunday Blues Jam at Corinnes, 67 Garrity Street, 5pm


Marc Pinansky and the Bored of Health at Precinct, 70 Union Square, 8pm


Funktapuss’s Funk Jam at The House of Buds, 959 Bearse way, 8pm

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