Tunes Around Town – August 30th through September 2nd

Get ready to plan your jams with this weekend’s Tunes Around Town!  After the break get a large sample listing of live music in the area with some sample videos of some musicians performing!

Thursday August 30th


PosiVibes featuring The Manhattan Project and Nights Without Television at The Spot Underground, 18+, $7, 9pm
The Memorials with Sun of Sound, Phantasm, Mission Bells and Herra Terra at Fete, 103 Dike Street, All Ages, $10, 8pm
Live Bait at Burnside Park, Kennedy Plaza, All Ages, Free, 4:30pm
Bluegrass and Burriots at Lola’s Cantina, 515 South Water Street, Free, All Ages, 8pm
OpenMic at The Mediator Stage, 50 Rounds Avenue, 7:30pm
-Shryne with Iosoce at AS220, 115 Empire Street, All Ages, $6, 9pm
Allysen Callery and the Night Kitchen with A Fistful of Sugar and Joseph Aaskov at Local 121, 121 Washington Street, All Ages, 7:30pm


AbleThought with Pointe Blank, The Custies and Dylan Sevey at the Met Cafe, 1005 Main Street, All Ages, $8, 9pm

East Greenwich

Hotel Songwriters hosted by Mark Greenwood at the Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street, 21+, 9pm


Shane Hall Fest with The Ticklebomb Orchestra, Speaker for the Dead, HW and MORE at the Raven, 258 Pleasant Street, All Ages, Door Donation $5 or MORE, 6pm


Akashic Record with Otis Grove at The Lizard Lounge, 1667 Massachusetts Ave, 9:30pm


Friday August 31st


-Indiana Handshake, Attaloss, Starforce Trio and Rich Polseno at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 18+, $10, 8pm
The Mighty Good Boys at Downcity Sound Stage at Grants Block, All Ages, Free, 6pm
-Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm
Torn Shorts at The Apartment, 373 Richmond Street, 8pm


Minor X with Opiate at Mardi Gras, 1500 Oaklawn Ave, 21+, 8pm


The Brew with Air Traffic Controller at the Lowell Summer Music Series in Boarding House Park, 40 French Street, 7:30pm


HipHop-fest featuring Acrobatik, HW and MORE at The Middle East Downstairs, 472 Massachusetts Ave, 18+, $13, 7pm

Saturday September 1st


-Kung Fu and Primate Fiasco at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 18+, $10, 9pm
The Rice Cakes with Whore Paint and velvet Elvis at As220, 115 Empire Street, All Ages, $6, 8:30pm
-Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm


RI Ska productions Presents The Boston jolly Pirates, The Nix 86, Angry Bears and MORE at The News Cafe, 43 Broad Street, All Ages, $8, 8pm


Control Freak at The Rock Junction, 731 Center of New England Blvd, 9:30pm

New Bedford

Blues Wolf and the Jam Daddies at Pier 37, 37 Union Street, 9pm


The Denver Boot with The Recession Boys at Sally O’Brien’s, 335 Somverville Ave, 8:30pm


Sunday September 2nd


-Open Mic at The Apartment, 373 Richmond Street, Free, 6:30pm


Wolf and the Jam Daddies Sunday Blues Jam at Corinnes, 67 Garrity Street, 5pm


Dub Apocalypse at Bull McCabe’s, 366 Somerville Ave, Free, 10pm


Funktapuss’s Funk Jam at The House of Buds, 959 Bearse way, 8pm


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