Tunes Around Town August 18th through August 21st

Things are slowing down this weekend with festival season coming to a close, but the quality of the few shows I have heard about is tremendous!  Get out on The Scene and support YOUR local artists!

Thursday August 18th


Third Thursday Hip-Hop at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 21+, 9pm

Malyssa BellaRosa and William Reed Acoustic at Temple, 120 Francis Street, 21+, 8pm

Open Mic at the Mediator Stage, 50 Rounds Ave, 7:30pm


-Lyin Bitch and the Restraining Orders Open Mic at Tinker’s Nest, 322 metacom ave, 9pm


The Choos at The Mews Tavern, 456 main Street, Free, 8pm


Marc Pinansky, Sleepy Very Sleepy, Old Abram Brown and Dan Blakeslee at TT The Bear’s, 10 Brookline Street, 18+, 7:30pm


Friday August 19th


Happy Hour at The Spot Underground featuring Kyle Andree, 15 Elbow Street, All Ages, Free, 4:30pm

Viral Sound, Nights without Television and Seemstress at The Spot Underground, 21+, 9pm

Perfect Statics, with The Come Back Season, Northeast Traffic, The Grave Reviews, Please Don’t eat My Friends and Rocklawn Avenue at The Ruins in the Colosseum, 180 Pine Street, All Ages, 5pm


Slick Willy with Bad larry, Senior Discount and Lemon lime Tennis Shoes at The Met Cafe, 1005 Main Street, All Ages, 7pm


Saturday August 20th

Sully’s Cafe Presents Hiding Behind Youth, Fall and Bounce and Rune at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street, 21+, 9pm


Sunday August 21st


Open Mic hosted by Joe Auger at The Apartment, 373 Richmond Street, Free, 7pm

Soul Sundays at Glo Bar, 93 Clemence Street, 9pm

North Providence

Mike Rollins and Company’s Showcase Sundays at The Sunset Bar and Grill, 888 Charles Street, 18+, 6:30pm


Sunday Blues Jam hosted by Wolf and the Jam Daddies at Corinnes, 67 Garrity Street, 5pm

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