Tunes Around Town – April 25th through April 28th

Spring is upon us, festivals have begun, the weather is warmer songs are being sung!  Plan your jams and get out on the town this weekend!

Thursday April 25th


Artistic Explosion Festival featuring Northern Lands, Denver Boot, Shot Gun and The Nymphidels at The Parlour, 1119 North Main Street, 9pm

Revival featuring Kris Hansen and Jon Tierney at The ROI, 150 Chestnut Street, 9pm

-Posivibes at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 18+, $8, 8pm

OpenMic at The Mediator Stage, 50 Rounds Avenue, 7:30pm

East Greenwich

-Hotel Songwriters hosted by Mark Greenwood at the Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street, 21+, 9pm


Jesse’Jack’s Son at Dave’s Marketplace, 371 Putnum Pike, 4pm


Marathon Tragedy Benefit with the Pheak and Arnold Layne at Church Boston, 69 Kilmarnock Street, 21+, 10$, 8pm


Joe Fletcher at Harvest Gallery Wine Bar 776 Main Street, RT 6A, 8pm


Boombasnap at The Island Merchant, 302 Main Street, 10pm

New Haven

Richard Barone and The Mendition of the Quay at Cafe Nine, 250 State Street, 8pm

 Friday April 26th


-Jazz and Soul at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm

990wbob Concert Series featuring Pistol Shot Gypsy and None Perfect at The ROI, 150 Chestnut Street, FREE, 10pm

North Providence

Andy Prattat The Locals, 11 Waterman Avenue, Free, 8pm


Fairhaven with Last One Out, Satellites Fall, Collington and Full Void at The Met, 105 main Street, All Ages, 12$, 7pm

Lolita Black, Ex Reverie and Malyssa and the Liberators at Machines with Magnets, 400 Main Street, 6$, 9pm


The Travis Colby Band at The Legion Pub, 661 Park Ave, 9pm


The Jesse Liam Band at Vintage, 4 South Main Street, 8pm


The Joint Chiefs, The Ross Livermore Band, AJ Edwards and The Faux Farewell at Hard Rock Cafe, 24 Clinton Street, 21+, 12$, 7:30pm


Souldiers at The Tavern, 102 Irving Street, 9pm

Saturday April 27th


Pyschedelic Clown Car and the Larry Mitchell Trio at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, 18+, 12$, 9pm

Jazz and Soul featuring Paul Lowe Jr at Cuban Revolution, 60 Valley Street, Free, 8pm


AbleThought at Tinker’s Nest, 322 Metacom Ave, 8pm

Sunday April 28th


Sunday Funday at The Spot On Tour, 101 Richmond Street, Free, 6pm

North Providence

Robin Lane The Locals, 11 Waterman Avenue, 12$, 7pm


Wolf and the Jam Daddies Sunday Blues Jam at Corinnes, 67 Garrity Street, 5pm

-RI Legends Blues Jam at The Met Cafe, 1005 Main Street, All Ages, 4pm


Dub Apocalypse at Bull McCabe’s, 366 Somerville Ave, Free, 10pm

wrapping up this week’s tunes around town


-Funktapuss’s Funk Jam at The House of Buds, 959 Bearse way, 8pm

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