The Scene – Playing Catch-up

I’ve been busy getting Sully’s Cafe up and running, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out on the town checking out The Scene for you!

In the past week I’ve seen sets from Daniel Chase, Jose Docen, Harpoon, and Innocent Uprising.

I’ve got plenty to type up when I have some free time.  Like posts thus far, they will be backdated to reflect a post date closer to the actual viewing of the set.

Peace and Love


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2 Responses to The Scene – Playing Catch-up

  1. katie lovaas says:

    awesome danny!

  2. California Greg says:

    Great site Dan! I read most of the reviews, though I don’t know the bands, I really enjoyed reading about the scene. You have a great Gonzo style of writing with a surrealistic bend. I’ve put your site as a favorite. Thanks for the link!

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