The Scene – G. Love at Lupo’s

So far it has been one crazy April!  I started the month out right with 2 shows at Lupo’s right off the bat!

Someday Providence at Lupo's

Someday Providence at Lupo's

April 3rd kicked my month off right with G. Love hitting Providence. The show opened with Rhode Island’s own Someday Providence who warmed the crowd up nicely with some of their tried and true local flavor, the whole crowd was bouncing and singing along to “Drank Too Much” and “Summertime in Rhode Island” winding down their set and handing it over to The Movement. Hailing from Philly and on tour with G. Love for quite some time, I imagine he hand selected The Movement to REPRESENT with their hard rocking, hip-hop reggae. More then once during their set I caught myself taking out my hair tie and letting the mane whip around a bit (sorry to the blonde whose drink in which it landed). I’m not really aware of The Scene Philly has to offer, but if these guys are any indication, they’ve got some good musicians who can get a crowd pumped up down there.

G. Love at Lupo's

G. Love at Lupo's

Next G. Love graced the stage in a sleek gray suit and matching fedora, much too stylish for Providence, equipped with his guitar and harmonica harness he proceeded to bang out some of his classic hits. This late in the night after a number of rum and cokes as well as other things for which I saw patrons other than myself being ejected, the set gets hazy.  Admittedly I am not an enormous G. Love fan, and its taken me a number of years to get over my freshman (sorry Tom) roommate’s obsession with his eponymously named debut album, I do however recall “Blues Music” (who can forget a straight shout out to Bob Dylan) and “Shootin Hoops” from said album. Also sticking in my head for the night would be “Peace, Love and Happiness,” all of which Providence could use some more, and “Superhero Brother” the title track from his newest album on Brushfire Records. The biggest surprise for the night would have to have been “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road” by The Beatles. I went nuts, ask Nicole, I’m sure she was embarrassed (sorry babe). Being most familiar with his most recent album I was pulling to hear more from Superhero Brother, alas “Grandmother” and “Georgia Brown” weren’t played (at least by the 2nd encore when I was faded enough to make my way out). All in all a great show, G. Love is a fantastic live performer and anyone that has the chance check out one of his shows, his melding of spitting lyrics with some killer blues riffs and harp really got me moving.

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  1. Robert Shaw says:

    I found your blog and read a few of the posts. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to checking out more from you in the future.

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