The Scene – April 18th, I.U. Rounding Out the Night

Sean and Travis of Innocent Uprising

Sean and Travis of Innocent Uprising

Kyle of Innocent Uprising

Kyle of Innocent Uprising

Right off the bat it was easy to tell they’d been practicing a lot this week, their songs seemed jammier and Kyle and Travis were working phenomenally off of each other. I returned to the stage area just in time to catch “Predictable,” one of my more favorite songs of theirs they rocked it hard.  Live, I.U. always plays hard and fast, pumping the crowd, I have heard some really good acoustic versions of this song as well.  The set defiantly benefited from Travis’ arrival, and quick lead guitar, but Kyle was poised and ready to fill out the songs with his rhythms and strum patterns, had he been unable to attend. Between songs they would all huddle making sure all were on the same page, Sean, as usual, addressing the crowd and getting everyones feedback, while getting them pumped, and laying his steadfast reggae vocals. Bobby, having fun, was bopping around on the bass with his new transmitter, bounding into the crowd and back to the stage with his busy bass lines. Zig Zag drummed with his rocking style and gave the back-beat his furious fills while maintain the song’s purpose. Next Kyle took lead vocals on his own composition “Show a Friendly Fist:”
4.18.09 Innocent Uprising “Show a Friendly Fist”

A great version, complete with crazy time change, its always good to see bands playing out more of their newer material. It was at this point I accosted by my brother and his new drinking buddy making sure I really, really didn’t want in on the  Jaeger Bombs round of which the guys were to partake. Turning the tides the band went for a little more classic track of their’s with “Common Thread:”

4.18.09 Innocent Uprising “Common Thread”

Innocent Uprising was in the zone all night, the crowd was loving it and singing along with the familiar classics. Prepping to wind up the set, Sean took to the crowd to thank everyone and promote one of their upcoming shows. Competing in the Emergenza festival, an international battle of the Bands, May 30th at the Paradise Rock Club, the band has secured a party bus to Boston for the event, more details can be obtained by contacting the band through their myspace. A fantastic night of music all around, I look forward to see all of the acts play out more in the coming months, Innocent Uprising closed their set with high energy versions of their classics “Hate to Say I Told You So” and “Destination Anywhere” as seen below:

4.18.09 Innocent Uprising “Hate to say > Destination”

Saying my goodbyes and heading down the stairs I heard a clamour at the door, as I decented the stairs it became apparent that Tim’s new drinking buddy was having a disagreement with the Snookers staff, and Tim was delighting in fueling the fire.  *Facepalm* apparently the bands weren’t enough entertainment on the evening for the dynamic duo, futhering their bromance at my embarressment.  I apologized profusely to the manager, bouncers and after a quick return up the stairs, the lovely bartender.  Face completely red I returned to the entrance to find they had only fanned the flames further, I exploded.  On the ride home I conceeded the staff were probably being a little douchey, and Tim conceeded he may have been a little douchey as well.

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