The Scene – Baylock’s CD Release Party

Saturday October 17th Nicole and I went down to Jerky’s for Baylock‘s eagerly anticipated CD Release party for “One Good to be Told.” Nicole and I arrived in time to catch half of Kenjamin Christ‘s set and all of Zulu Lulu‘s before Baylock took to the stage.

Kenjamin Christ lead his band on vocals and guitar with Nasty Nate on bass and MP Crigga behind the kit. Their sound and songs sounded like alternative folk rock to me, I had the chance to catch three songs at the tail end of their set:

“Locomotive” started with Kenjamin strumming a good rhythm and Nate playing a bouncy bass line with slight snare and cymbal work from MP Crigga. Kenjamin’s vocals started softly and gained passion as the song build. Introducing “The Nothing” as inspired by “The Neverending Story,” Kenjamin started this song with powerful vocals with his rhythmic style of guitar, Nate played a tasteful and interesting bass line and Crigga stood out more once the kick drum was miked. Kenjamin played a good little lead riff halfway through, hinting of the blues. Nate and Kenjamin switched weapons for the final number “Heyo.” Both showed efficiency at the other’s instrument, Nate also showing a rhythmic style on the guitar and Kenjamin played a good walking style bass line. I enjoyed their songs and definitely have had my eye out to catch them play again.

Zulu Lulu hit the stage next with Alan on vocals and guitar, Ryan on bass and backing vocals, Chad on drums and Jessica on keys and Theremin, bringing their unique blend of 80s and indie rock:

Their first song, I believe an original started out with Chad and some interesting drum beats, Jess joined in on synth and Theremin and before Alan jumped in on guitar and Ryan joined on bass. A driving and chopping song it used good end rhyme to lyrically catch your attention. I went to the bar with Nicole for a bit and made conversation with some of our friends. It wasn’t till Zulu Lulu broke into Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman” that I leaped from my stool and grabbed my camera again. They played a good version of one of my favorite songs. Definitely an interpretative version, the audience seemed to dig it as well. The last song I taped was what I’ve heard them describe as their German marching tune. Alan, Ryan and Jess began to stomp along to Chad’s beat before getting into their own jam, prompting an impromptu dance party on the floor. This, my second time seeing Zulu Lulu I was again impressed with their musicality and stage presence.

Baylock took the stage at their party with Chris Parry on rhythm guitar and vocals, Tim Crowley on lead guitar and vocals, John Mclaughlin on bass guitar and Matt Kirby on drums. Ready to rock the house, Baylock took to the stage playing electrifying versions of every song from “One Good to be Told”:

Opening strong with a rocking extended version of “Blue Amberol” the crowd exploded at the opening riffs. Chris sang great lead vocals while John bound around the stage in his usual ultra energetic fashion, Tim, heavy on the wah petal played some district riffs and Kirby killed the kit, rocking the sticks hard. Following a short introduction from John, Baylock continued with another older crowd favorite, “General Store.” Tim took lead vocals on this fast paced rock number with Chris and the crowd performing the harmonies. Baylock slowed the pace for the beginning of the newer “What Will Become,” Chris bellowing lead vocals again on the odd verses and Tim singing the even verses. Kirby used cymbals liberally between tight fills complimenting John’s walking bass line. Picking the pace back up Baylock played the long standing “Rise.” Chris brandished his acoustic while singing lead, Tim ripped up the electric, John kept up the stage energy jumping into the crowd and Kirby kept the beat hopping on the drums. Playing another Baylock classic next John began the familiar and catchy bass line to “Gone for Good.” Tim sang the lead well with Chris providing harmonies and backing vocals. This was a great, long, high energy version, it was apparent Baylock was feeding from the crowd’s energy. The newer “Kind of Strange” followed, Chris put down the guitar and manned the bongos and congas, Tim wailed on rhythm and lead guitar while singing lead vocals, Kirby rocked out on the drums and John set the groove on the bass. The song changed pace and timing a few times accentuated by some interesting lead riffs. After some instrument changes Baylock was ready to deliver the acoustically driven “Patience.” Chris and Tim played acoustics while John and Kirby bide their time during the first few verses before John took over at the percussion kit and Kirby played the staple harmonica solo before the final verse of the song. It was a great, tight version that got the well lubricated crowd singing along. Tim took to the mic as he and Chris picked up their electrics again and the band bestowed a rocking version of “Autophobic” upon the crowd. They announced what they thought was their final song and broke into my favorite Baylock song “Conscience,” utilizing both acoustic folk and electric rock elements. For their final number John started the familiar bass line and Baylock set off to “Satisfy” the crowd with the reggae flavored favorite. It was a great extended finale with Tim and Chris trading verses and left the crowd with a music high. I was so impressed with the set I decided to make it a Bootleg Series, check the Merch tab for a copy.

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