The Best of Psychedelic Clown Car Volume 1: Week 30

Psychedelic Clown Car is a new solo project from Matt Martin, he’s going to be releasing a new EP every week for a YEAR, that means 52 releases on the way. The thirtieth installment, “The Best of Psychedelic Clown Car Volume 1”, is available for streaming until the next edition is released, so get it while its HOT!

“Mr Useful”

“My Machine”

“My Darlin”


“Mighty Fine”



“Butter Puddle”


“Point Taken”

“Hey Ho”

“Hog Heaven”



“Wastin Time”








“Special Report”


“Twenty Five”


“Kookie Kow”

“Mourners Breach”

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  1. JUXO says:

    TWENTY FIVE’s . . a rockin me
    my brain likes to wrap around POST . .
    and the FUTURE takes me somewhere i’ve never seen

    but when it’s all been said
    HEY HO & MR USEFUL . . that’s where MY head’s at