Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room Episode 9, Knocking About the City

Sully and Josh are visited by Jeff Conley, by way of Cape Cod.  After a long and detailed discussion of the scene, including Creation Tuesday, G.W. Mecure and Allysen Callery, and Sauce with Fungus Amungus, the boys chat with Jeff about his music, band, Naukabout Music Festival and his homemade stringed instruments.  Jeff performs solo playing four songs for The Green Room, “For Gibby,” “A Thousand Steps,” “Just a Branch,” and “A Door.”  As usual, the show raps up with a quick round up of upcoming shows, and a quick thanks.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Nice web cast guys. Josh…you kill me. funny! Malyssa Bellarosa rocks it out!. Amazing artists and an amazing vibe at Creation. Love you guys. Sully… the messenger. Love your web cast. Nice to hear about the events around town. Love you guys!