Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room, Episode 2

“A Downtown Frame of Mind”

The second installment of Sully’s Cafe at The Green room is finally here! Josh Willis, Rene Dupont and I invite Cole Alexander into the studio for an interview and two song performance.

Rene Dupont and Josh Willis

We discuss the Providence Phoenix Best Music Awards Show and the performances by Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes, Route .44, The Jesse Minute and VulGarrity; Re-Creation Wednesday at Blake’s Tavern with appearances by Spogga, Richard Cullen, Josh Willis, Low B of Funk Nugget and Broken Ground, Mike Shiavone of The Law and The Beat Drops, Joe Jannerelli of Gravity Works and Fungus Amungus, Paul Choquette of Route .44, and Christyn Brown of Sauce; The Brew at Tazza Caffe; Dennis EmsleyGamblin’ Hands, and Viral Sound at Blake’s Tavern; Rene’s trip to Boston for Larry and his FlaskZach Deputy‘s influence on the live production loop movement; and the wealth of great musical events coming up in the Southern New England area this week!

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Cole Alexander performing “Bedroom Window:”

Cole Alexander performing “Beautiful Eyes:”

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