Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room Episode 150

Kittens and Killer Robots

DSCN9537Sully and Josh introduce the show and thank Sully’s Cafe’s latest sponsor The Bucket Brewery!  Then, the gents have a great discussion of the scene this week with mentions of Drop Out Night with Second Time Out, Jon Tierney, and Kris Hansen; Creation Tuesday featuring The Hornitz and the Durians for Willis’ Birthday; Megan Gilbert’s Open Mic at Theatre 82; Bluegrass Throdown at Nick-a-nees; Consider the Source, Cocktail Party Phenomenon, and The Hungry Freaks; Allysen Callery; Ily AimySmith&Weeden’s Album release with Ravi Shavi and The Sun Parade; Colby and Keila; as well as Santa Mamba’s Cinco de Mayo celebration with Sarah Borrello.  The gents welcome Jacob Haller to the Green Room for a lengthy conversation and a performance of three songs.  The guys wrap up discussing a number of upcoming Tunes Around Town.

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Approximate Run Time: 1 hour 12 minutes

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