Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room Episode 11

A Benediction and A Comeback

Sully and Josh discuss last week’s shows including Creation Tuesday, Providence Promotion’s Blues Revival featuring Shane Manzi and Friends, Zach Deputy, and SEXCoffee‘s comeback show featuring For The Love of Sloane and Pistol Shot Gypsy, complete with after-party featuring VulGarrity and Rounding Off Numbers. The gents are then joined by G. W. Mercure of The Benedictions, a local singer songwriter who had chance to play four tunes for The Green Room, two tracks from “The Benedictions Play Devil Music,” “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” and “Till I’ve Died,” as well as two new tracks, “I Do Not Play No Rock and Roll,” and “I Used to Be Such a Nice Boy.”  As usual the boys wrap up with a rundown of tunes going on around town this upcoming week!

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