Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room, Episode 6

“Sound Session Special”

Dan Mills at The Wheel House

Dan Mills

Sully, Josh and Rene are joined by Donald King of The Black Repertory Theater and Afrosonic Collective as well as Armande Milhouse of Audio McSwagger (WARNING: In-Line Sound) for discussions of what they’ve got going on as well Providence Sound Session.  Armande brought three tracks to share with the audience, “Under My Skin,” “Selfish,” and “Oh.” Discussion of The Scene includes full detailed reviews of sets from Rounding Off Numbers; Spogga and Joey Spinella with guest appearances from Mike Sahashian, Sidy Maiga, and Matt Odabashian; Paul Lowe Jr. and the I-95s; Kyle Nicholas; Sauce; The Shane Manzi Band; Dan Mills; and Barefoot Truth. The gents went a bit long this time around, about 1 hour 37 minutes long, but still had plenty of time to cover upcoming Tunes Around Town! Audio Stream and Download available after the break.

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In case you missed it last time, Sully had the chance to chat with Barefoot Truth last time they played The Wheel House in April:

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  1. frank martyn says:

    hey what’s the background / soundtrack tune? that’s pretty sweet, it hymponotize me . . .