Show Spotlight: Dastardly

Hey friends and fans, I wanted to bring your attention to a special opportunity tonight (June 17th 2011).  Recently I have become enamored with “May You Never” an album from the Chicago based band Dastardly.  They seamlessly combine elements of Rock, Americana and Bluegrass with fantastic harmonies and melodies and even a hint of humor in the lyrics at times.  The vocalist is a Rhode Island native, that fact certainly helped them get a show at AS220, 115 Empire Street, tonight playing with local favorites Vudu Sister and The Silks.  If you aren’t already hitting one of the great local shows on the town tonight, make sure to check out this out of town act that is quickly on the rise.  If you want a sample of how they sound CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THEIR SONG “MIDDLEGROUND,” my favorite from their debut release!

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