Local Flavors – Fall 2009 Free Sampler Download

An appetizer picked from the local sampling of musical acts in the area. Tastes of hip hop, reggae, punk, rock, jam, fusion, jazz, Latin, funk, blues, psychedelic, and folk are represented to satiate the widest variety of music loving palates. Download available for comfortable in home listening, and designed to fit on an 80 minute CD to take with you to go, and share with friends!

Tracklist after the break!

Sullyscafe.com Local Flavors – Fall 2009

Track List:

  1. “The Return”DJ Future : Originally featured on Self Titled Part 3: The Soapbox Mixtape, Future combines classic sounding funk and jazz beats with his distinctive positive flow to create this fresh flavored hip-hop track. Hailing from Warwick, he’ll be starting live shows around the area this fall, keep your eyes peeled. Also in the works he’s been cutting beats and writing for “Real Talk” his next album and “Wreck to the Future” a joint cd with WreckABSoo from Tec Stash Sounds.
  2. Innocent Uprising at Club Hell

    Innocent Uprising at Club Hell

  3. “Show a Friendly Fist”Innocent Uprising: Consisting of Sean Nicholas on vocals, Travis McVey on lead guitar, Kyle Nicholas on rhythm guitar, Bobby Terrien on bass guitar, and Vinny Lepore, new to the line-up, on drums, Innocent Uprising plays many shows throughout the area. This is a definitively reggae rock song they have been performing live since the spring, as a staple of their live set, this cut was spawned from their recent studio work and features original drummer Jay “Zig Zag” Motte. Always a great live performance, you’ll have at least two chances to catch them in September, the 15th at McFadden’s on Pine Street for a 21+ show and the 26th at Jerky’s Live Music Hall on Richmond Street, both in Providence.
  4. “…And That’s Goodbye”Senior Discount: Chuck Staton providing lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Tom Wells on lead guitar, Alan Souza on bass guitar and Christian Staton comprise these purveyors of Providence punk. This studio cut, the title track to their latest EP (which you can download HERE free) , does a great job of capturing the energy these four put forth at live shows. Not only do these guys write, release and tour their rowdy brand of punk rock constantly, they have started a multimedia blitz with their Agree to Disagree pod cast and Funny or Die comedy videos. You’ll get your chance to catch them live at The Wheelhouse in Narragansett on September 11th for the “Back to School Jam”.
  5. “Hamilton Bupo”Gravity Works: This jam rock fusion band draws from many genres of music to develop their unique sound. Frequently playing live throughout the area, Zach Fenner on guitar and vocals, Nate Beauvais on bass and vocals, Paul Silvia percussion and vocals, Marco Leclerc on keyboards and Joe Jannerelli on drums make up this merry band of misfits. Nate sings lead in this studio cut of a live favorite, it can be heard on their myspace page, or when you get the chance to catch these masters of live performance out on the town, like November 7th for a 21+ show at The Box, North Main Street, Providence.
  6. Funk Nugget at The Ocean Mist

    Funk Nugget at The Ocean Mist

  7. “Marty”Funk Nugget: Formed in 1999, they have spent the last decade performing live and gaining a dedicated fan base through their epic three hour funk dance parties. This jammy country blues number is the second track from their first studio release, 2009’s addictive “Biscuit City” from Opus Records. All of its members, guitarist and singer Zach Ladin, bassist Low B, keyboardist Jason Dollard and drummer Brett Boardman have moved on to other musical projects, but still reunite a few times a year around the state to satiate its fans’ funk addiction.
  8. “Sing With the Radio”Someday Providence: This poppy punk-rock track is a selection from Someday Providence’s latest EP, “Thanks for Listening”. Currently Someday Providence is Tommy Gardner on vocals and guitar, Eddy Maher on electric bass, and Tom “Fuzzy” Moran on drums. Recorded in 2008, this track features former member Paul Giammarco on lead guitar and backing vocals. Always providing a good time live show, you will get your chance to see them play out in Providence, come October as they begin their eastern seaboard tour.
  9. “Take from the Innocent”GROW: Combining the complex flavors of rhythm and blues with hip hop, generously spiced with the funk, this track, featured on 2008’s “Livin Lovin Learnin” album, highlights the variety of styles that GROW provides. Matt Odabashian sings lead vocals and plays all manner of keys, Mike Odabashian mans the kit, Gaku Murata strums the six string, Nate Beauvais plays electric bass, Ian Katz on tenor sax and vocals, and Sneak Techniks providing the flow make up this six man ensemble. Blowing away audiences with their versatility, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to see them play live, like September 25th at The Bowery Poetry Club in New York City or November 25th at The Patriots Bar and Grill in Bellingham MA.
  10. “Move”Broken Ground: An up-beat, dancey track by Rhode Island’s new sensational hip hop duo 90SeVAN and Low B, available on their debut EP “Sneak Attack”. Responsible for all manner of lyrics and providing the flow, 90 SeVAN impresses with his unique voice and cadence. All live instrumentation, drums, guitar, bass, keyboards are played and tracked by Low B, who also provides the samples and production on this song. Hailing from South County they’re another Opus Records artist known to frequently play at venues down the coast. Look for them live this fall in South County at The Ocean Mist and The Wheelhouse as well as Providence at AS220, dates to be announced.
  11. Sinister Minstrel at The (Penalty) Box

    Sinister Minstrel at The (Penalty) Box

  12. “Makeout Mountain”Sinister Minstrel: This morsel of Minstrel comedy hard rock features Zach Fenner on lead guitar and vocals, Mike Davis on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Jeff Siatkowski on electric bass, and Nic Deign on drums. Their sense of humor and mix of Celtic folk rock sounds are a delight for live audiences who laugh, dance and drink the night away with the foursome. Savory original sets spiced with a few covers are expected at their monthly appearances starting November 28th, at The Celtic Pub, 755 Broadway, Pawtucket.
  13. “Schiavone’s Song”The Law: This is a bluesy psychedelic studio recording from late 2008. Featuring Amber Bettez on lead vocals, Low B on Bass, written by Mike Schiavone who provides the guitar, Dave Delmonico on drums, Brett Boardman on additional percussion and Andy Minty on turntables, it delivers a potent protest message targeting police persecution. Currently on partial hiatus, The Law, an Opus records artist and brainchild of Low B and Amber is an ever evolving project and officially includes the two founders as well as Max Sherman and Kevin Pacheco. Having so many tricks up their sleeves, you never know which iteration of The Law you will see perform live. This Fall, they will be appearing, in one form or another, at Wormtown Music Festival September 18th.
  14. The Johnny Lingo Band at Lupo's

    The Johnny Lingo Band at Lupo's

  15. “This Man”Johnny Lingo Band: A piano driven bluesy song from Lingo’s solo debut “Shake it Off (2008)”. Voted Phoenix Magazine’s 2009 Best Male Vocalist, Johnny is also a prolific songwriter. He performs the organ, piano, vocals, and gets the best musicians he knows to play in the band for this track. This includes his full-time drummer Chase Leonard, and hired bass musician Dan Edinberg (Zox). A guitar player known as “Thor” from New London, CT, adds the ripping guitar. Nowadays, the JLB perform as a duo, just piano and drums. You can catch them live Sept. 24th at Wheaton College or locally at the infamous AS220 on Thursday Oct. 29th. “Shake It Off” is available for download at iTunes.
  16. “Two Suns”Kayla Ringelheim: This up beat piano driven pop folk track is provided by Massachusetts native singer songstress Kayla Ringelheim. Containing complex imagery and coyly playing with words Kayla shows off her enchanting voice and skills at the keyboard. Recorded for her forthcoming album, her third, and follow-up to 2007’s extended player “Play,” “Two Suns” resonates of songwriting prowess. Attending university in Rhode Island, Kayla can be caught playing frequently throughout the area from Newport to Boston and all points in between.
  17. “Baby Slow Down”Daniel Chase: An intimate acoustic folk track from this singer/songwriter. The title track to his one day future album, “Baby Slow Down” is cautionary tale, set to move and catch you. Recently relocating to Providence, you can see him playing out frequently at many venues around town, like September 9th at the Local 121 Speakeasy, Tazza Cafe on Westminster, the first and third (September 16th) Wednesday of the month at Writers in the Round and at The Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse on Douglas Ave September 19th.
  18. “I Think I Know”Low B: Originally released on The Law’s self titled EP, the song has been re-recorded for Low B’s solo psychedelic folk album, “Spaceships in the Jungle” due out early 2010. Performing guitar, vocals and additional percussion himself, he invites some of Opus Records’ favorite musicians to join him, Amber Bettez provides additional vocals, Mike Schiavone plays bass, Chris Dollard on keyboards, with Mic Cartier on backing vocals and Andy Minty on turntables. Founder of Opus records, Low B can be seen producing and performing with all of its artists.
  19. Santa Mamba at Sound Session Finale

    Santa Mamba at Sound Session Finale

  20. “La Mentaria”Santa Mamba: A Latin rock track with a hint of funky Jazz, and an epic jam feel, its guaranteed to get you moving. Gio Murillo sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar, John Medeiros plays lead guitar and backing vocals, Aaron Wade is on keyboads and backing vocals, Nick Wade plays bass and backing vocals, John Ferreira plays drums and Gary Mendoza plays additional percussion on this track, featured on 2008’s “Senseo.”Putting forth electrifying live sets it is no surprise they were winners of the 2009 Sound Session Search people’s choice award, they will be playing The Black Rep’s Sound Session Search 2010 kickoff party, Thursday September 17th at their Xxodus Cafe, 276 Westminster Street, Providence. This is an 18+ event, $2 with college or military ID, $5 cover otherwise.
  21. “Conscience”Baylock: A taste of versatile rock and roll, this selection utilizes melody and harmonies to deliver its message. Acoustically driven at the start it is flavored with hard rocking electric lead riffs. Chris Parry provides the acoustic rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Tim Crowley the electric lead guitar and backing vocals. John Mclaughlin the bass guitar and Matt Kirby is at the helm of the drums for this track. Always playing an exciting live set they will be appearing at Jerky’s on Richmond Street in Providence, October 17th for their debut CD release party, “One Good to be Told”.
  22. “Juliet”Ricky Valente: This sample of soulful rock and roll is provided by Ricky Valente, recorded solo in his basement studio, this Rhode Island native provides the guitar, bass, drums and vocals on this track. When performing face-melting live sets, Ricky performs as a duo, on guitar, vocals, and bass pedals himself with Mike Levesque on drums. Wrapping up a semi-national tour, you should expect to see Ricky’s forthcoming release soon, with more shows to follow. Keep your eyes peeled for a Rhode Island date to release the CD.
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  1. Lee M. says:

    mine’s downloading now 🙂

    if you do this again for Winter 2009, let me know early! I’d love to contribute a Cosmic Factory song. We’re gonna be doing studio work pretty soon!

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