Local Flavors – 2013 Free Sampler Download

An appetizer picked from the local sampling of musical acts in the area. Tastes of rock, jam, jazz, country, funk, blues, psychedelic, and folk are represented to satiate the widest variety of music loving palates. Download available for comfortable in home listening, and designed to fit on an 80 minute CD to take with you to go, and share with friends!   This year ALL sample tracks were recording during an episode of Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room, so all artists have more songs, videos and an interview you may find exclusively HERE at Sully’s Cafe!  Download and track list available after the jump!


  1. “Fingers to the Bone”Brown Bird: Episode 36
  2. “Devil’s Side”Adam Ezra: Episode 106
  3. “When I Fall Down”Ross Livermore: Episode 77
  4. “Yellow Fields”Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes: Episode 14
  5. “Spare Parts”Allysen Callery: Episode 18
  6. “Lets Go Down to Memphis”Ian Fitzgerald: Episode 27
  7. “Summer Sweat Blues”Morris and the East Coast: Episode 42
  8. “Evenins With The Blues”Eric French and Mr Hyde: Episode 53
  9. “Sober Driver”Vudu Sister: Episode 89
  10. “Foggy Eyes”Castle (The Band): Episode 99
  11. “Just a Paycheck Away”Mark Cutler: Episode 20
  12. “Positivity”Daddie Long Legs: Episode 76
  13. “Keep It Close”The Denver Boot: Episode 101
  14. “Still Kids”Blackbutton: Episode 121
  15. “Devil”Torn Shorts: Episode 126
  16. “Mocking Bird”Jonah Tolchin: Episode 124
  17. “How to Mend a Broken Heart”Jay Berndt and the Orphans: Episode 130
  18. “Heaven Ain’t for Me”Tallahassee: Episode  92
  19. “Let Me Out”Shannon Corey: Episode 30
  20. “Workin’ Man”The Mighty Good Boys: Episode 106



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