Impromptu Michael Jackson Tribute by Erykah Badu and The Legendary Roots Crew



Friday night, after the passing of the King of Pop, The Roots invited Erykah Badu to sit in for Episode 75 of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, for the night they performed as a Michael Jackson Cover Band, which was a beautiful and fitting tribute.  Being a huge fan of the show,  I follow some of The Roots tweets.  Today Questlove (@questlove) provided links from zShare  to some tracks they laid down before the taping of the show.  Both were so beautiful and made me smile, I wanted to share them before you missed them:

I Wanna Be Where You Are and Billie Jean

Be sure to thank Questlove for sharing some gems from his personal vault!

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  1. Sharon Browning says:

    Thanks for passing those along, Dan. A fitting tribute, indeed.

  2. Lee M. says:

    yay to The Roots, Questlove, Erykah Badu, and MJ! awesome covers