A Favor to Ask My Musician Friends

I’ve loved live music my whole life, and have been attending live shows as long as I can remember.  There are many clubs I used to frequent that aren’t around anymore.   Club Baby Head, The Living Room, Lupo’s (when it was an intimate experience), and of course The Station.

February 20th will be the seven year anniversary of The Station Fire, a tragedy that effected me deeply and emotionally.  I was at Northeastern in Boston at the time and burst into tears when I heard, I’d been there only a week earlier to see my friend Ricky Valente play a set.  Fortunately for me, I did not loose anyone I know, but being that we live in the smallest state I had plenty of friends and relatives that were directly effected, loosing sons, daughters, husbands, fiances, mothers, neighbors, co-workers, but most of all hope.  It still effects me to this day, as I type this I’m welling up and choking back tears.

If you are playing a gig next Saturday night, February 20th, it would mean the world to me if you observed a moment of silence during your performance at 11:07pm, in honor and remembrance of the 100 lives we all lost on that faithful day.

Please help spread the word, post this link on your facebook walls, make a myspace bulletin, tweet it out for the world to see, print it and send it via carrier pigeon, I don’t care just get the word out.

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