Sully’s Cafe Bootleg Series Released!

Do you like live music? Do you like your music local? Have you ever read one of my live reviews and wished you’d gotten off your lazy ass and gone out with me that night? These questions are pretty much rhetorical, right?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions have I got the solution for you! The Sully’s Cafe Bootleg Series is a series of live music DVDs produced from select shows I’ve attended. So far the first three volumes are available exclusively on Sully’s Cafe Merch Page, take a look after the break for the sneak peak viral videos (feel free to send to your friends):

Volume 1: Ricky Valente at Arlene’s Grocery, New York, NY. June 11, 2009

Ricky, a native Rhode Islander, tore up the stage at New York’s legendary rock club, performing a 7 song, approximately 40 minute set of pure rock and roll.

Volume 2: Broken Ground at Jerky’s, Providence, RI. November 29, 2009

Broken Ground hit the local hip hop scene hard this year with their debut album “Sneak Attack.” This DVD features a great 8 song, approximately 35 minute set of ground breaking hip hop.

Volume 3: Baylock CD Release Party at Jerky’s, Providence, RI. October 17, 2009

Baylock rocked a packed house at Jerky’s for their release party of “One Good to be Told.” Most of the album tracks are performed here during the 10 song, approximately 55 minute set.

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