Tunes Around Town – Love Money Day 2009, A Local Band Takes Initiative

Love Money at AS220 in April

Love Money at AS220 in April

This Saturday July 18th is the 2nd Annual Love Money Day.  As many music fans know, summer is the festival season and this young local band has taken it upon themselves to organize a music extravaganza of local talent for your enjoyment. Originally scheduled for July 25th, it has been moved up a week so as not to conflict with Gathering of The Vibes, it features lots of local acts starting at 2pm, 26 Silverspring Avenue, East Providence.  This is a family friendly free event!!!  Bring friends, love, respect, a blanket, some refreshments and maybe some lawn chairs.  Some of the featured bands are: Love Money, J.T.O, J.U.D.A. Strain, Mass Elite, Love Money Day Jam Band, Sgt Baker & the Clones, Apollo’s Prophets

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3 Responses to Tunes Around Town – Love Money Day 2009, A Local Band Takes Initiative

  1. Lee M. says:

    hey man. due to the date change the lineup is a little different. I only now am able to update the flyer and such because my computer has been down, but the “official” lineup is:
    Apollo’s Prophets
    Mass Elite
    Love Money Day Jam Band
    Sgt. Baker & The Clones

    it’s going to be amazing! peace

  2. It Was A Very Productive Concert.
    The Right Bands & The Right Cover Songs.

  3. electromozzo says:

    The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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