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Thursday February 18th I had the opportunity to catch The Movement, an exciting Philadelphia based, hip-hop reggae rock band. I was quite impressed with what they brought to the table last year at Lupo’s opening for G. Love, and have been keeping up on their music and tours on-line since. They do a great job of embracing all sorts of new media including quick video blogs while on the road, to help bring their fans the experiences from wherever they may play. I arrived at Club Hell a couple of hours before their set so I’d have time to chat, and not interrupt their sound check, or any pre-show rituals they may be planning.

When I arrived, Jordan and Josh were outside having some cigarettes as I introduced myself. Seemingly startled and surprised I recognized them, I asked if whoever managed their twitter mentioned I was coming down to ask them a few questions. Quickly glancing at each other they both replied with an emphatic “No?” They pardoned themselves for a sound check, while their road manager Dave, came out to introduce himself and probably asses whether I was legit. As I was enjoying a cigarette I overheard a great sound check version of the traditional American folk song “In the Pines,” frequently attributed by Lead Belly and popularized recently by Nirvana under the title “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

We discussed the crazy amount of touring they’ve been doing behind “Set Sail” as of late. Always interested in what makes a good show for bands I asked what some of their favorite venues to play and why. Jordan was a big fan of The House of Blues in Orlando, and House of Blues venues in general, stating “They really know how to take care of the talent.” Jay was partial to the Orange Peel in North Carolina. Speaking of their first two albums, 2004’s “On Your Feet” and 2008’s “Set Sail.” As I suspected Jordan and Josh’s long standing friendship and history of playing together lent to the two vocalist guitarists to be the principle songwriters for their first two releases. Confiding they had “3 albums worth of unrecorded materials” one would soon be in the work, which would embrace Jay and Gary, the newest members of The Movement, in a much more collaborative effort. Being my first attempt at a video interview I was a bit green so to speak, and actually didn’t record the first few minutes as I shut off recording as I began the interview by mistake. What I did get the chance to film I’ve included in a mash-up with their performance of “Set Sail:”

Overall it was a great show, all of which will be posted to YouTube in a matter of days. Today being the last full day you can vote for Slightly Stoopid’s opening band, I’ve made sure to get this post out now. If you like what you’ve heard and seen, go write in The Movement in this TwitPoll. You’re allowed to vote as much as you like, and for as many acts as you wish. Personally I’ve been voting for G Love and writing in The Movement, feeling that the ultimate bill for a summer tour would include all three.

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