Local Flavors – 2010 Free Sampler Download

An appetizer picked from the local sampling of musical acts in the area. Tastes of hip hop, reggae, rock, jam, jazz, country, funk, blues, psychedelic, and folk are represented to satiate the widest variety of music loving palates. Download available for comfortable in home listening, and designed to fit on an 80 minute CD to take with you to go, and share with friends!  Download available after the jump!

  1. “Happy Song”The Glass Jars: Originally featured on the “Girl of All Names” album. An Americana/ folk act from the northern part of Rhode Island who play many shows all over the state.
  2. “Just a Branch”Jeff Conley: Recorded live during Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room Episode 9. Jeff’s a Cape Cod based singer-songwriter who builds his own guitars, fronts his own band, and hosts the Naukabout Music Festival every summer.

    Jeff Conley

    Jeff Conley

  3. “Focus”The Sun*Dried Alibi: An acoustic version recorded live during Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room Episode 3. This exciting four piece band can be seen frequently playing out in Providence. Their live sets are full of rocky, jammy blues music you just can’t resist.
  4. Holloface”The Effective Dose: A studio demo version of a live favorite from this Boston based funk rock jam band. Frequent regulars in the Boston and New York live music scene, they can be seen playing Providence sparely. Three members came in to Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room Episode 8 and brought some live tracks for our listening pleasure!
  5. “All Hollow’s Eve”VulGarrity: A previously unreleased track to be featured on their forthcoming album “Dance to the Grave.” This brother and sister duo’s live set is a show NOT to be missed as between the two members, they cover four instruments. Their CD Release party is October 22nd at The Colosseum on Pine Street.
  6. “The Grind”Scare Don’t Fear: A promotional track from this unique band that blends metal with hip-hop. Decided leaning to their hip-hop roots this track doesn’t display their live face-melt-ability. To get a full sample of their sound, order their debut EP, “Blinded” being released September 14th
  7. “What Goes Around”Breedon: A heavier hip-hop track from 2009’s “RI’s Terrorist” free mixtape. Breedon doesn’t play out much, but you can follow him on twitter where he drops songs and singles while he constructs his next mix for the masses.
  8. “Hands Up, Drinks Up”Suave Richardson: A hip-hop track leaning towards R&B featured on Suave‘s debut release “Rhythm and Pop.” Sure to be a club hit, a music video is in the works, which I helped to direct.
  9. “Tasty”SEXCoffee A sexy rock number from 2009’s “The Morning After” EP. SEXCoffee shows are full of high energy rock and wit. You can catch them live at the Vulgarrity CD Release party October 22nd.
  10. “Spoonful”Barefoot Truth: A socially and environmentally conscious song by the masters of folk rock jam from their latest release “Threads”. Barefoot Truth is comprised of members from all over the New England area, and Alaska. Currently calling Connecticut home they are frequently on tour, and happen to be one of my favorite live acts to see!
  11. Dan Mills

    Dan Mills

    “Bernadette”Dan Mills: Recorded live during Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room episode 12. An acoustic folky unreleased song presumably to be featured on Dan’s third album currently in the works. Originally from Cranston you can catch Dan playing out frequently throughout the state, though he currently resides in Brooklyn.

  12. “Midget March”Full Atoms: An Instrumental track recorded live for Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room episode 10. Full Atoms is a band that’s formed within the past year and are providing a darker heavier element to the local jam scene. They can frequently be seen playing the South County area of Rhode Island.
  13. “Goblin Handle”Green Frequency: Another instrumental track with a heavier edge recorded live during Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room episode 5. This power trio focuses mostly on their instrumental aptitude, currently only a few of their songs contain vocals, mostly performed by sit-in guest vocalists. Definitely a rock show you should see live!
  14. “Light at the End of the Tunnel” – G.W. Mercure of The Benedictions Recoded live during Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room episode 11 and featured on their debut album “The Benedictions Play Devil Music. Winners of the 2010 Providence Phoenix Best Roots Act with their brand of Roots on the rocks music. They have many shows coming up in the Providence area.
  15. “Black, Tan and Wasted”Jay Berndt:Recorded live for during Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room episode 12. Due on Jay’s forthcoming album “Sad Bastard Songs,” from Rusty Knuckles Music his journey into country music is a far departure from his heavy metal roots and has been making a name for himself in the country folk scene for the past ten years.
  16. For the Love of Sloane

    For the Love of Sloane

    “So What If”For the Love of Sloane: A demo version of a song performed during Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room Episode 7. This four piece rock band puts out a ton of sound with powerful female vocals in the forefront. Due on their forthcoming album that’s currently being written and recorded. Based in Rhode Island they were featured at the Lilith Fair this summer.

  17. “No Tomorrow”Josh Willis and Spogga: A studio track blending guitar rock with hip-hop flow, recorded by my friends Willis and Spogga, both heavily involved in the local music scene and The Spot, an artist and music collaborative based in Providence. Josh happens to be the co-host of Sully’s Cafe at the Green Room, Spogga can be seen weekly on Friday nights at The Spot Underground, 15 Elbow Street in Providence.
  18. “What I Want”The Brew: An unreleased song recorded live at Port City Music Hall on August 27th 2010 due on The Brew’s forthcoming album, scheduled for release late Fall of this year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as they don’t play Rhode Island too frequently but when they do its always a mind blowing experience!
  19. “Red Water”Sauce: A reggae flavored track from one of the hottest new bands on the scene. Featuring the best female vocalist in the state two years running, their live sets blend rock, funk and reggae to produce a finger lickingly good sound. Currently Sauce has been distributing a demo at shows as they record and prepare their debut album. Are you ready for the funk?
  20. “The Drowsy Surgeon” – Joe Fletcher:  Recorded live during Sully’s Cafe at The Green Room episode 4.  A great folky track due on Joe’s upcoming release “White Lighter” due out September 25th 2010 with a CD release party that night at Firehouse 13.  He can be seen performing solo, or fronting his band The Wrong Reasons quite frequently, and is one of the driving forces behind the folk Americana revival happening in the area as of late.
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